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As our relief work in the aftermath of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake continues in Syria, we wanted to send you an update, as the support of this community has already proven critical in the early days of recovery.

 Episcopal Relief & Development continues to partner with ACT Alliance to provide emergency relief in hard-to-reach areas of northern Syria. Working through the Middle East Council of Churches and other local organizations, the ACT Alliance is sheltering 10,000 families in open-air or structurally sound facilities; providing survivors with hot meals, blankets, medicine and trauma support; supplying body bags and other necessities to hospitals; and helping children return to school to provide more stability. The Anglican Church in Aleppo is sheltering another 1,000 people and providing similar support. In Türkiye (Turkey), we continue consulting with partners to plan for short term relief and longer-term recovery.

 Recovery from a disaster of this scale will be long and arduous work — but when we pull together, we can help bring relief to people whose lives have been upended by the quakes. 

We hope you feel called to make an urgent donation today.    A gift can be made by clicking on this link. Your gift will go to work swiftly and effectively.  

 Thank you for your compassion, and for praying for those affected. If you've already made a donation, please accept our gratitude — and share the word of our urgent mission to friends and family.  With appreciation, Your friends at Episcopal Relief & Development