After 31 years, Tiospaye Wakan working to become Parochial Mission

 Thirty-one years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Brokenleg, working with Cathedral Dean Robert North, started a third service of Calvary Cathedral that was designed to serve the Native American community in Sioux Falls. The congregation was named Tiospaye Wakan (Holy Family) and was designed to appeal to Native Americans who needed a place to gather, connect and worship together in a way that supported their need for cultural reinforcement.

It was Fr. Brokenleg’s intent that the congregation eventually attain Parochial Mission Status, something it came close to achieving twice previously but was never able to do.

Most of the Missions in South Dakota are “Diocesan Missions,” directly connected to the Diocese and the Bishop. A “Parochial Mission” has a partnership with an existing parish, but still maintains some independence by having its own Bishop’s Committee, budget, and delegates to Diocesan Convention and Niobrara Convocation.

Tiospaye Wakan has been fund-raising and awarded grants to be able to meet the many expenses of being a parochial mission. These expenses include:

·      funding for a half-time salary priest, Archdeacon Paul Sneve;

·      ministries to the local community;

·      contributing to the sponsoring parish for property insurance and utilities; and

·      making a financial pledge to the Diocese.

Tiospaye Wakan has developed a small endowment that over time, hopefully, will grow into a source of revenue to help meet their expenses.

Tiospaye Wakan began the current process to become a Parochial Mission by developing by-laws and writing a proposal that will need to be approved by the Cathedral Vestry, Tiospaye Wakan’s Bishop’s Committee, the Eastern Deanery, and the Diocesan Standing Committee.

Once those approvals happen, the Diocesan Council, Niobrara Convocation, and Diocesan Convention will need to vote to recognize their newly approved Parochial Mission status.