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At The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops spring gathering, 122 bishops gathered March 8-13 at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, Alabama, for a time of retreat.
In his opening sermon, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry challenged the group by asking how they live into the fact that they are bishops of a church that is both “Good Friday and Easter,” where there is death and new life all at the same time.
“Not one of us has ever been a bishop in this moment of the church’s life before; there are no experts; there’s nobody who knows how to do it,” Curry said, “But last time I checked my Bible, Jesus said, ‘Wherever two or three gather in my name, I’m going to show up.’”
He added: “You and I have been called to be bishops, as Mordecai said to Esther, ‘for such a time as this,’ when Good Friday and Easter are indistinguishable. And this Jesus has the truth of eternal life.”