Speaking in West Texas

Bishop Jonathan was in the Diocese of West Texas on Saturday, August 26th, as the second presenter at their annual World Mission Symposium. His topic was “Maintaining Healthy Mission Relationships.” The Diocese of West Texas is celebrating their 25th year of having reclaimed their missionary heritage as a diocese and is in a partnership relationship with the Diocese of South Dakota. A highlight for the Bishop was being able to listen to the stories being told by the adults and young adults who recently had visited Cheyenne River Episcopal Mission and Pine Ridge Episcopal Mission. “It’s one thing to see them in action, as I was able to do this summer when I visited them,” Bishop Jonathan said. “It’s a whole and holy other thing to listen to them speak of the impact that their experience has had on their lives.”

Dr. Marthe Curry, Director of World Missions in the Diocese of West Texas, will be one of our two keynote speakers at our Diocesan Convention in October.

Pictured are those who spoke about their recent experiences in South Dakota from St. Helena’s, Boerne, and from Christ Church, San Antonio. Also pictured is the Rt. Rev. Dr. David Read, Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of West Texas.