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Diocesan Convention Packet #5

Clergy and Lay People in charge of congregations are responsible for ensuring that their Delegates and Alternates are receiving this information.  

We are using the Diocesan Enews to communicate all information about Diocesan Convention. Clergy, Parish Administrators, and/or Lay People who oversee congregations are to ensure delegates and alternates sign up to receive the Diocesan Enews if they have not already done so. 

This can be done by clicking here: SIGN ME UP FOR THE DIOCESAN ENEWS. If any of your delegates or alternates do not have an email address, you will need to work out a system in your congregation by which they can receive and obtain the information being shared. 

Dear Clergy, Delegates, and Alternates to the 138th Diocesan Convention: This is the fifth and final packet of information regarding our upcoming Convention that will be sent out. It has all the materials that were contained in the fourth packet with the following additions: 

• Updated information about the nominees for General Convention deputies and information about the clergy nominees for Standing Committee. Canon Lauren Stanley apologizes for errors made in last week’s posting of the Nominees for the General Convention. Those errors have been corrected. Nominations closed on September 6th, and no nominations were made for a lay person to serve on Standing Committee. Therefore, the matter will be referred to our Diocesan Council, and a person will be appointed by that body to serve in this capacity. •

 A resolution regarding changing the Rule of Order regarding changing the deadline for nominations to be received for elected positions. The registration deadline for our Diocesan Convention was last Tuesday, September 6th. Although we now have a good idea of how many of our clergy are attending, there are still delegates from congregations who have not yet registered. We are now at the point where the volunteers at First United Methodist Church who are providing our meals need to know how many people to expect. Clergy, please be in touch with Marlys about this matter today.