Office of Government Relations

Vote Faithfully Tool Kit

Getting souls to the polls isn’t just about casting our own vote, but about working together so we all can vote and vote faithfully. We can empower every voice in our congregations in this work.  Check out the resources below for getting souls to the polls in your faith community! 

New resources will be added to the Episcopal Church website, so check back often.  

Included in this toolkit:  

Special Section ✓ Episcopal Election Activators Action Steps ✓ Help Run Elections ✓ Register ✓ Mobilize ✓ Communicate ✓ Advocate   Worship ✓ Quotes ✓ Music ✓ Prayers      

Cast your vote, not on a partisan basis, not based on your biases, but vote your values. 
Vote for the values of human dignity and equality. Vote the values of the rock on which this country was built.  Vote.”  -Presiding Bishop Michael Curry  

Note: Churches, as nonprofit organizations, must follow certain guidelines when participating in elections. Churches may not campaign, openly or otherwise, for or against candidates for public office. IRS guidelines permit houses of worship to involve their members in the political process through education, voter registration, and candidate participation in town halls. Here are more resources on what your church can and cannot do during election season. The IRS also has a publication that you can use as a guide for your election engagement activities titled “Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations.