Church of the Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls

On Sunday, November 13th, I had the joy of being with the good folks at Church of the Good Shepherd in Sioux Falls! This congregation is led very aptly by the Rev. Dr. Christina O'Hara, their Rector, and by the Rev. Shaneequa Brokenleg, their Assistant Rector. Kim and I had an opportunity to have a wonderful dinner with both of them on the Saturday evening prior, and (as always!) it was great being able to spend some time with them.

The Rev. Judy Graves, Deacon, was there to assist in the liturgy on Sunday, and I was glad to see her again. Deacon Judy spearheads the Church Periodical Club ministry, and do be on the lookout for some information about that in due course. The music by Del, their organist, was outstanding, and all in all it was a great service!

We all gathered downstairs for a potluck lunch afterwards, and it was indeed plentiful! This was followed by a Question & Answer time with the congregation -- and that was followed by a very good meeting with the Vestry members in which several topics related to what they were currently doing and what they foresee themselves as doing were discussed.

Thank you, Church of the Good Shepherd, for a wonderful Sunday morning -- and may God bless you in all that you do!