Christ Church, Lead

On Sunday, November 20th, I had the pleasure of worshiping and being with the congregation of Church Church, Lead, located in the Black Hills of our state. Just the day before, Christ Church held a holiday bazaar, which was a resounding success on both a fellowship and a financial level! Additionally, not only were all of the members of the congregation present at the bazaar -- they also were all present at the 9:30 AM service on Sunday morning! The service was followed by a delicious lunch, and a Question & Answer session that focused on how small churches can engage their communities.

The Rev. Lydia Simmons is the priest-in-charge of Christ Church, and lives in the Rectory next door. Kim and I had the pleasure of having dinner with Lydia+ the evening before, and it was great to catch up and learn more about her upcoming wedding plans!

Thank you, Christ Church, for your ministry and your hospitality!