Holy Apostles, Sioux Falls

At 3:00 in the afternoon, on Sunday, November 13th, I made my annual visit to Holy Apostles Episcopal Church in Sioux Falls. Holy Apostles is our Sudanese congregation and is led by Fr. Abraham Mayom and Deacon John Mayen. This is an extraordinary, lively congregation where singing, drumming, and dancing are the norm! Deacon John's eldest son was serving as a crucifer for the first time, the Mother's Union sang a special song, and there was no shortage of children!

Fr. Paul Sneve, who helps to serve as a liaison to Holy Apostles and who worships with them about once a month, was also present -- and it was good to have him there! From time to time, he helped to keep me from getting lost (my Dinka is not that great) and, when we both were lost, we just worshiped Jesus right alongside everybody else!

Holy Apostles serves as the primary worshiping place during high, holy days for the Sudanese populations in the Midwest. Sudanense Episcopalians / Anglicans from Minnesota, Nebraksa, and North Dakota come to Holy Apostles and fill that space. This community is truly a blessing in many different ways!

Following the service, we enjoyed a tremendous meal with all kinds of Sudanese specialties -- and lots of pictures were taken! There was much joy in the room, and one can easily tell that they enjoy being in each other's company.

If ever you are in the Sioux Falls area on a Sunday afternoon, and want a different kind of worship experience, do visit Holy Apostles! You won't be disappointed!