Buffalo skull Episcopal Shield

Dakota Experience East, Calvary Cathedral, Sioux Falls

January 27 & 28, 2022

Starting 5:30, Friday evening with Supper

Ending Saturday afternoon close to 3pm, lunch provided


This workshop was initially started by the Rev. Dr. Martin Broken Leg and was designed to satisfy the Anti-racism requirements as set by the Episcopal church at the time. Archdeacon Paul Sneve carries on this work by offering Dakota Experience. This workshop will delve into pre-Christian Lakota Culture as well as the history of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and Dakota Territory, how the Episcopal Church affected the Culture of Lakota People and how Lakota Culture has informed the Episcopal Church. The uniqueness of the Lakota Language and especially how it is used in the Church will be discussed.  We will also discuss the Doctrine of Discovery and it’s role in the colonialization North America. Attention will be given to the Lakota Culture and the Church today and where we may be heading.


All are welcome to attend this Workshop and is required for all Diocesan Employees.

One can register here.

There is a $30 fee to attend.