Donation Page

It is now easier and more efficient to make financial donations to the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota and its programs, congregations, and missions.

On the Diocesan website — — under the DONATE button, donors can designate the following:

• Thunderhead Episcopal Center;

• Support for the Diocese (which is for the operations budget);

• Registration for all classes, including Niobrara School of Ministry; and

• Clergy Retreats; and 

• Giving to Congregations and Missions. 

The last category allows donors to choose a specific congregation, or a Mission, or a specific congregation within a Mission, as well as to designate monies for specific work, such as providing propane, or food, or giving toward a congregation’s or mission’s fund-raising event.

Money that comes into the Diocese electronically for congregations and Missions will be sent out by check by the Diocesan office as quickly as possible. 

Please let your supporters know of this new way of specified giving! The DONATE button is on the lower right side, underneath the gallery of image, oon the home page of the web site.