Deep Green Faith

Online Course: Deep Green Faith

It is common for creation care ministry to operate disconnected from the larger community life of prayer, worship, fellowship and faith. How might faith communities embody a more full inclusion of all creation in their lives of faith, worship and witness?

Overview: “Green Teams” in churches often find themselves operating in small corners of church life. The concerns and opportunities of creation care often fail to permeate the church’s core life of worship, fellowship, and proclamation. This course will explore ways to expand creation care beyond committee actions, material stewardship, and personal life adjustments, into a more integrated expression of whole church life.

Five Sessions

February 27: Seeking a Deeper Green Faith (Deep Green Faith Described)

Deep Green and shallow green practices and expressions compared.

March 6: Uncovering the Deep Green Gospel (Bible and Theology)

Naming and claiming the biblical witness to God’s dream for all creation.

March 13: Dancing a Deep Green Faith (Prayer and Worship)

Places and opportunities for expressing and celebrating good news to all creation.

March 20: Being the Deep Green Body of Christ (Community and Hospitality)

Habits and practices of shared church life and their qualities of incarnation as the body of Christ.

March 27: Being Deeply Green in the World (Witness and Service)

Ways faith communities can be faithful ambassadors of Christ to all creation.

Time: 7:30-8:45 pm EST


This is an online course that will be delivered through the Zoom platform.

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The tuition is $130.00. 

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Course Instructor: The Rev. Jerry Cappel is an ordained Episcopal priest currently serving as the Director of the Center for Deep Green Faith. He also serves as the Environmental Network Coordinator for Province IV of The Episcopal Church. Rev. Cappel has a Ph.D. in religious education and over twenty years of experience in corporate training and development. He has worked as an author and editor of youth and adult education materials for Smyth & Helwys Publishing in Macon, GA and Church Publishing in New York.