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How to update your congregations on the Episcopal Asset Map

On the very last line of the annual Parochial Report, The Episcopal Church asks whether each congregation has updated its profile on the Episcopal Asset Map.

The Asset Map is a joint project of The Episcopal Church and Episcopal Relief & Development. Anyone searching for a church can use it to find out where a church is located in their community, and, if it is updated, how to contact the church.

(Note: If someone simply types in “" and goes to “Find a church,” they can type in the name of the church and location, and they will automatically end up on the Episcopal Asset Map page.)

We are asking that every congregation spend some time updating the Asset Map in order to help searchers find you!

To do the updates:

• Go to

• In the search engine, in the middle of the page, type in the name of your congregation  along with the location.

• A map will come up that should show your church.

• Click on the map point.

• On the right-hand side of the page, your church should show up, with its name,  hopefully, a current picture, and information about the church.

• If the information is correct, you are done!

• If the information needs updating, click on MORE DETAILS.

• Your congregation then becomes the whole page. If the information needs updating,           click on UPDATE THIS PLACE on the top left. 

Then follow the prompts to do as much updating as you can. The categories include:








You may not be able to fill in all of the information, but it is important to make sure the contact information, address, and worship times are up to date. You can submit a new photograph as well, and give detailed directions if your church is hard to find.

Once you have filled in all of the information, please remember to click SAVE AND SUBMIT on the lower left.

Once you do all of that, Archdeacon Paul Sneve will receive a message from the folks who run the website. He will review the information (to make sure this is not a hack), and approve the updates.

This will help spread the word about who we are, where we are when we hold services, and any other information you are willing to share.